Wheelchair Van Exterior and Interior Quality Inspection

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Exterior Appearance Inspection

  • Panel alignment/fit

  • Headlamp, tail lamp/lens condition

  • Windshield/glass condition

  • Paint chips and scratches

  • Body damage/dents/dings

  • Trim and moldings

Vehicle Identification

  • In place and matching

  • Inspect certification label (federal requirement)

  • Check VIN label to paperwork

  • Check for non-completed recalls

Exterior Lights Function Properly and Illuminate as Designed

  • Headlights hi/low (including aim)

  • Parking lights/fog lights

  • License plate lights

  • Side marker lights

  • Tail lights / backup lights

  • Turn signal and cornering lights

  • Brake and high-mount stoplights

  • Emergency Flashers


  • Vehicle has 2 master key with remote entry (if applicable) and 2 valet key, flat key

  • Programmed to immobilizer

Door Lock System

  • Door opens/closes smoothly using interior and exterior door handles

  • Doors cannot be opened when lock button is in lock position

  • 2-turn unlock feature functions properly

  • Remote entry system operates properly

  • Theft-deterrent system functions properly

  • Child safety locks

  • Wireless door lock operation

Vehicle Interior

Interior Appearance Inspection

  • Seats: front/rear

  • Steering wheel/airbags

  • Armrests/door handles

  • Lower door and sill plates

  • Gearshift selection handle

  • Radio/AC control markings

  • Headliners/sun visors

Seat Belts

  • Extend/retract smoothly

  • Free of twists, cuts or signs of wear

  • Buckles lock securely

Seat Operation

  • Lumbar support operation

  • Memory control operates properly*

  • Headrest functions properly

  • Heaters function properly*

  • Seat cushion angle and height adjustment

  • Seatback angle adjustment

Power Windows / Locks

  • Function Properly

Trunk/Fuel Lid Release

  • Functions Properly (interior)

Glove Compartment

  • Contains portfolio, owner's manual, supplement

Steering Wheel

  • Tilt/telescopic functionability

  • Horn functions properly

  • Steering wheel controls

  • Steering wheel locks

  • Warning chime (key in -- door open)

Windshield Wiper

  • Functions in hi/low/intermittent

  • Wiper blades clean properly

  • Rain sensing wipers*

Dashboard Lights Illuminate as Designed

  • Turn signal: left/right

  • High beam indicator

  • Emergency flashers

  • Instrument panel control knob

  • Waring lights: oil pressure, brake, fuel, charge, seatbelt, open door, engine check, rear light failure, ABS, SRS

  • Check operation of guages

Rear Defogger

  • Functions properly

Air Conditioner / Heater

  • Climate control system functions properly for both heating and cooling

Interior Lights

  • Dome/map/vanity mirror/courtesy lamps/foot function properly

Audio/Navigation System

  • Power/volume switch functions properly

  • Preset station indicator

  • Cassette/CD function (scan, seek, rewind, fast forward) operates properly

  • Navigation system operates properly*

  • Speakers sound clear

  • CD cartridge (if applicable)


  • Tilt/slide operates properly

Clock/Cigarette Lighters/Ashtray/Cupholders

  • Function properly

Outside/Inside Rearview Mirrors

  • Power controls function properly

Luggage Compartment

  • Spare tire size, sidewall condition, tread depth and air pressure

  • Spare tire and attaching hardware, cover, jack, jack tools and wheel lock (if applicable) are present, properly installed and secure

  • Manual fuel lid release operates

Under The Hood

Engine Hood Release

  • Interior release operates properly

The Following Fluid Levels Meet Industry Standard

  • Engine oil replaced and proper level

  • Automatic transmission fluid level

  • Brake fluid level

  • Power steering fluid level

  • Engine coolant fluid level

  • Washer fluid level

Engine Mechanical

  • Excessive fuel pump noise

  • Cooling system (radiator, overflow tank, hoses, coolant level)

  • Water pump (noise/leaks)

  • Air filter (replace as necessary)

  • Inspect oil for contaminants

  • Engine noise (knocks, rattles)

  • Transmission noise (whines, clunks)

  • Belts (wear or damage)

  • Check engine diagnostics


  • No damage or leakage and proper group size/amp rating

  • Tests to standards

Engine Fans

  • Function properly

Under the Vehicle

Tires (Minimum tread depth 5/32")

  • FL: _______/32"

  • RL: _______/32"

  • FR: _______/32"

  • RR: _______/32"

  • Sidewall condition

  • Proper size, type and match

  • Tire pressure


  • Condition/size/fit

  • Check wheel lug-nut torque

Brake Inspection (Minimum 6mm of pad material required)

  • FL: _______mm

  • RL: _______mm

  • FR: _______mm

  • RR: _______mm

  • Rotors show no signs of excessive wear, warpage or heat damage

  • Calipers, lines, and hoses show no sign of excessive wear or leakage

  • Parking brake assemblies, cables, and attaching hardware show no sign of excessive wear or damage

Chassis Inspection (No sign of damage or excessive wear)

  • Frame rails and floor pan

  • Subframe

  • Engine mounts and oil pan for leaks

  • Brake lines and couplings

  • Transmission case/pan for leaks

  • Drive shaft boots and CV joints

  • Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses and protectors

  • Steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots

  • Differential assembly, drive shaft and related components

  • Exhaust system (including leakage)

  • Transmission mounts

  • Tie rods, ball joints, idler arm

  • Catalytic converter

  • Struts/shocks for operation/leaks

Under Vehicle Fluid Levels

  • Differential lubricant level -- check for contaminants

Road Test (Vehicle Operation)


  • Start-up

  • Idles normally

  • While driving, engine performs normally

  • Starter system operates normally

  • Shift Lock


  • Brake and parking brake function normally

  • Brake and clutch pedal height, free play and travel meet specs.

Indicator Lights

  • No warning lights illuminate during road test


  • T/M shifts properly (both power/normal mode)

  • TRAC/VSC and ECT control functions and indicator lights function properly


  • Steering operation is normal

  • Off-center psecifications meet standards

  • Handling, straight-line operations

Cruise Control

  • Functions properly

Noise or Vibration

  • None present

Squeaks or Rattles

  • None present

* -- If Applicable