Hand Controls FAQ for Vans, SUVs and Cars

1. Who can use hand controls?

All persons with disabilities who have been medically evaluated and cleared for driving by a handicap rehabilitation specialist are eligible to use hand controls for driving. Standard drivers should not use hand controls, however, because they are more likely to instinctively react with their feet in emergency situations.

2. Are hand controls easy to use?

Learning to use hand controls is like learning anything new. With time and practice, you'll become accomplished. You can also check with your local DMV or assistive driving rehabilitation center to see if they offer training courses for drivers with disabilities.

3. On what type of vehicles can hand controls be installed?

Hand controls can be installed on most new and used adapted vehicles as long as there's enough room under the steering wheel. Some automobile manufacturers even offer programs to assist you with the cost of installing such devices.

4. Can I just order the equipment and install it myself?

For your safety and protection, AMS Vans is required to install our hand controls for you to ensure that it's done properly. Making sure any and all hand controls are installed correctly is imperative to your safety and the safety of others on the road.

5. What is the difference between primary and secondary controls?

Primary controls help with gas, brakes, and steering. Secondary controls help with functions such as blinkers, windshield wipers, and gear shifts.

6. Will hand controls prevent a standard driver from driving my vehicle?The hand controls are placed where they do not interfere with a standard driver operating the vehicle as normal.

7. Will hand controls work with a manual transmission?

It is not recommended to install hand controls on a manual transmission. An automatic transmission will work more smoothly and easily.

8. Are there special requirements when taking a DMV Test?

No. Drivers with disabilities must pass a regular driving test just like everyone else. The mobility equipment used does not factor into the DMV test.

9. How do I get my vehicle to your location to install hand controls?

Our delivery drivers will pick up and deliver your wheelchair van in the Atlanta, Georgia area or nationwide.