Sell Your Used Handicap Van or Vehicle to AMS Vans

Selling Your Handicap Accessible Vehicle Is as Easy as A-B-C!

AMS Vans Buys Cars--but not just any cars. We're always in the market for used professionally modified vehicles of any style, make, and model. Why is it so easy (and rewarding!) to sell your used handicap van or vehicle to AMS Vans?

As Quick as a Click!

If you click the link in the previous paragraph, you'll be taken to an application asking for details about the accessible vehicle you want to sell and your contact information. Fill it out and click "Submit." Easy, right? And that's the extent of your effort. We do the rest! It's to your advantage to describe your used handicap van as accurately as possible, because, as you'd expect, "good working condition" is critical to the sale. We're not expecting perfection, because it's used, and we do inspect the vehicle before sealing the deal.

Cash in Your Pocket

Wherever there are used handicap vans for sale, AMS Vans wants to buy them first and fast, so we make sure our payouts are some of the highest in the industry. Even if you still owe money on the vehicle, we can usually work something out. You can be at the bank depositing a cashier's check, literally, in just a few days after submitting your application! So far, all you've done is some light typing, and that's only part of your reward.

Our Favorite Pick-Up Line?

And probably yours, too! Here it is: We'll pick up your used accessible vehicle free of charge wherever you are. The vehicle doesn't have to leave your driveway until we arrive, do an inspection, and drive away. You'll be waving goodbye with a check in your hand!

Your Vehicle's Next Stop

When it arrives at our headquarters, your wheelchair accessible van or other handicap transportation is completely refurbished and made showroom and online ready, where affordable, accessible minivans, full-size vans, and other handicap transportation await their new owners. The operative word there is "affordable". Our core mission is to provide enhanced mobility to every person who needs wheelchair-accessible transportation. Here's how we do it:

Purchasing your car is a start. Used handicap vehicles will more easily fall into the price range of a person with excessive medical expenses than a brand-new adapted vehicle. We also buy unmodified minivans (Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Town & Country, Volkswagen Routan, and Toyota Sienna) to manufacture our high-quality, low-cost AMS Vans wheelchair van conversion, which also lets us sell handicap transportation at greatly reduced prices. Our customers visit our local and online showrooms, find their car, and...

Another family or individual with disabilities owns a superior, life-altering wheelchair van--and it will mean as much to them as it did to you. Thank you for paying it forward!