Tips on Selling a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Ten Tips to Sell Your Handicap Van Fast

When it's time to sell your handicap van, these ten suggestions will help get your vehicle sold quickly, with more cash in your pocket! Why? Because used wheelchair vans are in great demand--our economy has individuals and families that need accessible transportation shopping for the most affordable deals. New handicap accessible vans cost $40K to $70K, making far-more-affordable used vans the popular choice for today's budgets. These ten tips will lead to a speedy sale.

1. Clean It Up From top to bottom, inside and out! Have your vehicle detailed at a car wash. If you have dings, dents, and significant interior damage, a few bucks in repairs can increase your return by a few hundred dollars. Make sure all parts of the conversion are in good working order, whether manual or powered. Remove debris from the track area and under the ramp. Make sure drainage holes aren't clogged. Lubricate the sliding door tracks on a side entry van, and lubricate the ramp hinges with silicone spray lubricant.

2. Take Good Photos Grab your point-and-shoot camera and take photos of your car from the front and back, both sides, and the interior. Take a few shots from every angle so you can pick the most crisp, clear, well-composed images to display. If possible, take the photos outside for the best possible light, and make sure the interior shots are well-lit.

3. Compile the Van's Service Records All scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair work records for your vehicle and the conversion will be extremely helpful for the new owner when you want to sell your wheelchair van, particularly if the records show you've been diligent about maintenance.

4. Organize Your Wheelchair Van Information Along with service records, you should pass along all relevant vehicle and conversion manuals, handbooks, and brochures to the new owner. Every little bit helps when presenting your accessible van to a potential buyer.

5. Prepare For a Quick Sale Keep the van's title and/or pink slip, insurance card, and vehicle registration handy. If there's still a balance on your car loan, check with the lender about payoff and the procedure for acquiring a clear title when the van sells.

6. Get an Independent Appraisal Have the vehicle independently appraised by a wheelchair van dealer, who might buy it from you on the spot. Organizations and people are holding on to their adapted vehicles longer because of the economy, and van dealerships want all the used accessible vehicles they can find to refurbish and resell at prices that families with excessive medical expenses can afford.

7. Price Your Wheelchair Accessible Van If you've looked into prices for used handicap vans online and have an appraisal, you should be able to zero in on a fair-market price for your van. Consider making the initial asking price somewhat higher than your appraisal, especially if the vehicle is in excellent condition with low mileage. Even with negotiation, you can still pocket what you believe your van is really worth.

8. Sell Anytime Unlike unmodified vehicles, sales for used handicap vans are strong year-round. Trucks and SUVs get their best returns in winter, when people are purchasing vehicles with 4WD; as you'd expect, compact cars and convertibles take in top dollar in spring and summer, when gas prices rise and warm weather rules. Sell your wheelchair van whenever the time is right for you.

9. Target Your Potential Customers There are individuals and families locally and online who want to buy your accessible van. If you want to sell locally, you might want to work through local organizations that focus on mobility and disability issues. While you can certainly list the van for sale in a local newspaper, ads for specialized vehicles like a mobility van tend to get lost in the multitude of ads for standard vehicles. Look for highly targeted, online Mobility Classifieds sites that cater only to those who are selling accessible vehicles, as well as those who are specifically in the market for handicapped transportation.

10. Be Flexible Your goal is to sell your accessible van for the best possible price. A wheelchair van dealer would love to purchase your used handicap transportation. If there are none within a reasonable distance of your home, find an online wheelchair dealer like AMS Vans LLC. Imagine the convenience of selling your vehicle to a wheelchair van dealership online--do all the paperwork over the Internet, agree on a price, get a cashier's check, and the dealership will pick up the van free of charge at your location anywhere across the nation!

Take these tips to heart, and you'll discover that selling your adapted van is easier than you ever imagined!