What Makes AMS Vans Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles So Affordable?

Our unique buy-direct sales model means lower sticker prices and no hidden fees

Although you have several options available to you, choosing to buy a new or used wheelchair-accessible van from AMS Vans means you’ll pay less — and worry less — than buying from any other dealer.

How We Maximize the Value of Your Wheelchair-Accessible Van

Value is much more than a sticker price — especially when you factor in elements that include maintenance, warranty coverage, and the peace-of-mind that comes from buying from an industry-leader.

Get Wheelchair Vans Direct from the Manufacturer

Because all of AMS Vans wheelchair vans are sent directly from the manufacturer — there’s no $8,000 to $10,000 local-dealer markup — which guarantees you pay the lowest possible price.

Shop from the Comfort and Convenience of Home

Choose from our large inventory of affordable handicap accessible vehicles — using our 24/7/365 virtual showroom — and, have your wheelchair van delivered to your front door anywhere in the United States, saving you both time and money.

Nationwide Delivery with Right-of-First-Refusal

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase at the time of delivery, we will take the van back without any questions before we even take it off the truck.

Buying Used Saves You Thousands

We buy late-model used minivans — as well as new models — for our side or rear entry handicap ramp conversions, saving you thousands in new-car depreciation costs.

All Newly-Modified Wheelchair Vans Boast Powerful Warranties

We sell certified-used Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen and Honda minivans with brand-new, high-quality AMS Vans-engineered, handicap-accessible conversions — which come with comprehensive warranties and can be serviced nationwide.

Simplicity Eliminates Repair Costs

AMS Vans eliminates 20% of the items that can cause 80% of the problems in a wheelchair accessible van.

  • The AMS Vans conversion extends the wheelchair ramp 4 inches, helping to eliminate the need for an expensive kneeling system.

  • Our manual and power ramps require very little maintenance; other manufacturers' systems, such as telescope-style wheelchair ramps, can require twice-a-year service.

  • If the wheelchair ramp should ever break after the warranty period expires, it is easy and inexpensive to fix, thanks to the innovative, simple design.

  • Our wheelchair vans have power doors only if they were originally furnished by the minivan manufacturer (Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen or Honda).

We are mobility experts who know how to fit quality and affordability into the same package. Our goal is to have lower prices so more people can buy wheelchair vans. We back our affordable wheelchair vans with top-notch services like nationwide delivery.

For your peace of mind, we offer excellent warranties on the wheelchair van conversions, including the wheelchair ramp motor and lowered floor. All vehicles include their remaining original manufacturer warranty.

For more information on the affordability of AMS Vans wheelchair-accessible vans, contact one of our knowledgeable, compassionate mobility specialists — either by phone at 800-391-1518 or using our convenient web form — and, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.