Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance/Easy-to-Repair Wheelchair Vans

A new or used handicap van engineered with a simple design means infrequent and easy maintenance. Taking care of your AMS Vans wheelchair van, especially performing recommended maintenance on your accessibility ramp, is as uncomplicated as following routine vehicle maintenance. The process of caring for your wheelchair ramp is so simple that you can do it at home without needing to take your wheelchair van for service. Before you make any repairs to the conversion, we request that you call the AMS Vans' toll-free, 24-hour, conversion emergency help line (888-860-2473). This alone could save you hundreds of dollars a year when compared to other wheelchair van dealers that require service on their handicap van ramp systems is performed within their network of certified mobility professionals. Some wheelchair ramps, such as the in-floor telescope ramp, require inspections every six months and can get debris caught up in the floor of the minivan itself. Thanks to its simplicity of design, the wheelchair ramp in the AMS Vans modified handicap accessible minivans we sell is easy to repair. In the rare case of a power failure, there's a manual back-up to deploy your ramp. The AMS Vans brand promises a simple, safe, and affordable handicap minivan for your family or business.