Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Safe and Reliable

Using an AMS Vans wheelchair accessible minivan for sale from our inventory provides a safer and more reliable means of getting your patients to your office for routine visits. Our wheelchair vans can also offer a convenient way to ferry patients to other facilities for on-site procedures and tests not performed at your office. AMS Vans are crash-tested, modified with top-of-the-line quality materials, and sold at prices thousands of dollars less than our competitors. With a small investment to purchase an AMS Vans new or used accessible minivan, your practice will provide an invaluable service to current and future patients, allowing them to get to you in transportation built for their needs and comfort. By offering easier and safer accessible transportation to your office, new patients with disabilities will be more likely to choose your practice.

Customize Options

AMS Vans' wheelchair van options for non-emergency handicap accessible medical transportation all have customizable seating arrangements, giving you the ability to transport all wheelchair users, or a combination of able-bodied passengers and patients with disabilities. The AMS Vans Edge and Edge II rear-entry mobility van conversions feature manual spring-loaded ramp accessibility, for example, that make either model an effective, economical handicap van ideal for medical transport. All our accessible minivans have ramps that are extended four inches beyond typical length. The added length decreases the incline, which eliminates the need for expensive and unreliable kneeling systems. With the AMS Vans Edge models, the wheelchair vans are rear entry, making it easier to load patients from narrow driveways, front entrance turn-around lanes, and non-accessible parking spaces. A special channel is cut into the floor from the ramp to the passenger area to guide the patient right to where they'll ride. At no extra cost, AMS Vans LLC. includes self-retracting wheelchair straps for the rear-entry accessible minivans converted by AMS Vans. which you can upgrade to electronically monitored wheelchair docks. We want to give your patients one of the safest, most comfortable modes of transportation possible.


AMS Vans will deliver your new or used accessible van directly to your office, where our driver will train your employees how to properly use all the modifications on the van. If you aren't ready to make the commitment to purchase, we urge you to rent a wheelchair minivan from our inventory to experience firsthand how an AMS Vans accessible van might pay for itself by, for instance, improving patient appointment punctuality, leading to fewer cancellations. Then, after you’ve experienced the new life your accessible van will breathe into your office, if you choose to purchase your van, AMS Vans will put 50% of your rental fees towards its purchase price (up to 12 months). Having an AMS Vans handicap accessible medical vehicle on the road not only provides a marketable service to your patients, but will draw new business. By putting your office information on the van, it becomes a rolling advertisement simply by driving patients to and from appointments around the city.