Wheelchair Vans: Preventive Maintenance for Your AMS Vans Conversion

If you've just purchased one of our AMS Vans wheelchair vans for sale, thank you! Your van has passed multiple, stringent 134-point inspections

Now that you have life-changing accessible transportation, we have some tips to help you maintain your new "wheels" and keep the conversion in excellent operating condition for as long as possible. Just as regularly scheduled maintenance extends the life of a vehicle, regular maintenance on our wheelchair van conversions will do the same to minimize (if not eliminate) the need for unscheduled maintenance and repair. A few minutes of time doing the following will add years of service to your handicap van:

Every Three Months or 3,000 Miles

  • Lightly lubricate the upper, middle, and lower passenger-side, sliding door tracks on the wheelchair van using a silicone spray lubricant found at most hardware stores.

  • Lightly lubricate the ramp hinges with silicone spray lubricant.

  • Check for and remove debris from the passenger-side, sliding-door, lower track area, as well as under the ramp. Inspect the holes for water drainage at the front of the lower track area to make sure they're not clogged.

  • Check the operation of the ramp and all electronic switches, if applicable.

  • Examine the exhaust for proper clearance from the body and the fuel tank. At all times, there should be at least a one-inch gap between the exhaust system and any part of the vehicle.

  • Rear entry conversions require application of a light coating of silicone spray lubricant to the ramp springs.

Every Six Months or 6,000 Miles

Examine the undercarriage of the van to check for scrapes and scratches from speed bumps or road debris. If you find scrapes and scratches, touch them up with more undercoating for rust prevention.

Wheelchair Tie Down Straps

Never use a wheelchair tie down or seatbelt with worn or damaged webbing. Check all wheelchair tie downs, straps, and hooks once a month for signs of damage or wear. This includes all manual, retractable, and electronically retractable wheelchair tie downs, straps, and seatbelts.

Electrical retractor straps should be serviced annually to confirm they are operating properly.

Your time spent maintaining the AMS Vans conversion on your handicap accessible van will be well worth it. Conversion issues unable to be resolved via the maintenance recommendations above can be easily addressed when you call the AMS Vans' 24-hour, toll-free conversion emergency helpline. Your daily ups and downs mean the world to us!