Convert a Minivan for Accessibility

Mobility is a concern for those who require use of a wheelchair, scooter or other handicap accessibility device. If you already own a minivan, your vehicle may be a prime candidate for wheelchair access modification. If you don’t already own a van, or if you simply want the reassurance a new conversion brings, consider buying a minivan that’s already been modified for handicap mobility.

In deciding whether to modify a minivan you’ve already purchased or to buy a pre-modified wheelchair van from our inventory, there are several things to take into consideration before making your final decision. If you have a minivan that is compatible with the conversion process AMS Vans offers, you can save money by converting your current vehicle for handicap accessibility. Otherwise, it may be more economical over the long term to purchase a pre-modified new or used mobility van from AMS Vans.

Converting Your Minivan

AMS Vans accessibility modification does not void the OEM warranty, so time remaining  on a new or used minivan’s warranty is still good after the wheelchair van conversion. The new AMS Vans conversion comes with a three-year handicap modification warranty. If AMS Vans converts your existing minivan, you only pay for our services. A used van with a new accessibility conversion often provides dependability, often at a lower cost, along with a lower depreciation amount when you drive off the lot.

Buying a Pre-modified Wheelchair Minivan

If your minivan doesn't meet the requirements for an AMS Vans mobility modification, purchasing a vehicle that's been pre-modified for wheelchair accessibility is a sensible and economical choice. Even if you already own a minivan, buying a pre-modified mobility vehicle has several advantages.

New and late-model used minivans often come with existing vehicle warranties. You also receive all the benefits, performance, and peace of mind that comes with AMS Vans handicap conversion warranties. You can have your van in days instead of waiting weeks for the modification process. If you need your handicap minivan delivered, AMS Vans LLC. can make it happen in as little as 24 hours when the vehicle in stock ready to be delivered, and if your location is within our expedited delivery area.

Should You Convert or Not Convert?

The decision to convert your existing van or minivan depends solely on your own preferences and what you expect from your vehicle. If you want to save money, retain your current vehicle and still wish to benefit from an AMS Vans conversion., modifying your current minivan for wheelchair accessibility may be the right choice for you. You’ll have a familiar vehicle with the reliable accessibility AMS Vans offers its customers.

You may not want to convert if your current vehicle is nearing the end of its working life. Serious mechanical issues can prove costly to repair, and these vehicles may not meet the mechanical and structural guidelines for the handicap van conversion process. New accessible vehicles are an excellent alternative to putting a lot of work and money into a declining asset. The new warranties on the vehicle itself and AMS Vans’ hardware give our customers peace of mind they may not have had with their current vehicle.

Both Options Offer AMS Vans Quality Service

Whatever you decide, AMS Vans. will get you on the road as affordably, safely, and comfortably as possible. For more than a decade, AMS Vans has continued to perfect its new and used handicap minivan manufacturing process. All used minivans modified by AMS Vans go through a 134-point inspection before, during, and after the accessibility modification is complete to ensure your safety and comfort. As long as you own your AMS Vans wheelchair accessible van, you'll have the benefit of our 24-hour, toll-free emergency help line.