Wheelchair Van White Glove Service

Next to finding the absolutely ideal, budget-friendly used wheelchair van for sale online, the most exciting moment in an accessible van owner's life is taking possession of the van and enjoying that first comfortable, convenient ride toward greater mobility independence.

Whether you choose to pick up the van at our locations in Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix or have the vehicle delivered to your home (anywhere nationwide!), you're treated to AMS Vans' complimentary White Glove Service by an experienced mobility professional--before you're handed the keys. The wait is worth it.

Top-to-Bottom Training

AMS Vans delivers more than just your new "wheels"--upon delivery our mobility professional takes all the time you need to become familiar with your van so that first ride is smooth and enormously satisfying. Our White Glove Service is just another aspect of our incomparable customer care.

Scan the Van

This essential service is tailored to your specific vehicle and how you plan to use it. You'll go over the operation of the base vehicle (be it a Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, or another make and model), leaving no feature unturned.

A wheelchair user planning to drive while seated in the wheelchair is shown how to enter the van and properly use the driver's wheelchair powered lock-down system--a user-friendly system that firmly anchors the wheelchair without assistance.

You might have had an electronic docking system installed in the front-passenger's position or at mid-cabin behind the front seats. If the van has a power docking system, you'll literally learn the "ins" and "outs" of operation. If your van has wheelchair tie-downs, we'll go over those, too.

Side-entry wheelchair van conversions manufactured by AMS Vans include a standard removable/portable front-passenger seat so the wheelchair user can take that coveted spot.

You'll be shown how to safely use value-added transfer seating, jump seats, or turning seats installed in your van. When you have a question about anything, just ask. It's your exclusive, one-on-one time with a mobility expert whose goal is your complete confidence in your new purchase.

The Conversion Submersion

The AMS Vans wheelchair van conversion is simple to operate--designed for safety, reliability, durability, and ease of use. You'll see the ample headroom provided by the lowered floor and discover how the extended AMS Vans ramp makes entry and exit less physically demanding.

Our mobility expert will show you how to deploy and retract the manual ramp or power ramp, depending on your conversion style. If your van has a powered ramp, you'll learn how to use the key fob or interior switch for automatic deployment, as well as how to manually deploy the ramp if the power fails.

Suggestions and Questions

Along with answering all your questions, our representative will suggest best practices for maintaining your van and the conversion, describe how to safely extend the ramp in snow, ice, and other rough conditions, and offer additional tips for long-term, smooth and safe operation of your handicap accessible van. By the time you're handed the keys, you're beyond ready for your unforgettable first ride!