Wheelchair Minivans - Ideal Transportation for Drivers with Disabilities

For a wheelchair user, the simple act of going to the store can be a time-consuming and difficult situation. Without properly equipped handicap accessible transportation, wheelchair users who could otherwise drive have to depend on others to get them where they need to go. AMS Vans focuses on providing our customers with custom-conversion minivans at affordable prices without compromising quality or safety. Wheelchair minivans with hand controls offer safe, easy-to-use transportation, giving a wheelchair user the independence to take care of errands, get to appointments, and enjoy life without having to rely on a caretaker.

There are a variety of hand-control designs available, including a steering device for use with hooks, palm-grips and other devices for quadriplegics, left-hand gear shifts, adaptive ignition key turners, etc. Depending on your disability, you might require a left-foot gas pedal and a parking-brake handle. Need help determining which accessible features will accommodate your disability? There's someone who can do that—and more! Find a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) in your area. After a CDRS (also known as a driving evaluator) evaluates your vision, strength, movement, dexterity and cognitive ability, the specialist guides you to the best adaptive driving equipment for your particular disability. Why is this important? Because you'll have to take your driving test using that adaptive equipment in your modified van. When you obtain your learner's permit, the CDRS teaches you how to operate your automotive mobility equipment, which leads to your CDRS certification for the adaptive equipment you require. Most state's Department of Motor Vehicles rely strongly on the recommendation of a CDRS before issuing a driver's license to someone with a disability. The CDRS will also help you determine the optimum vehicle for your specific adapted driving needs.

Handicap vans from AMS Vans come in a variety of makes, models, and conversion styles. The AMS Vans Legend side-entry conversion is our premier modification, and it serves wheelchair drivers beautifully. Our side-entry wheelchair minivans features power controls both inside and outside the van. The ramp can extend an additional four inches to not only decrease the incline, but eliminate the need for a kneeling system, saving thousands of dollars. Side-entry wheelchair vans have seating for six passengers and a wheelchair user. Options for side-entry wheelchair minivans include removable front-passenger seats, self- retracting Q'Straint wheelchair straps, electronically monitored EZ Lock wheelchair docks, and, of course, hand controls that don't interfere with standard driving. Side-entry wheelchair minivans are ideal for the wheelchair user capable of self-care. AMS Vans wheelchair minivans are crash tested for safety, so we know we've offer some of the strongest wheelchair minivan conversions on the road. With great warranties on all newly converted wheelchair minivans, and all used wheelchair minivans passing an intensive 134-point inspection process for certification, you know you're driving a dependable vehicle. An AMS Vans mobility consultant works with you to find the best wheelchair accessible van for your needs. From the initial consultation to matching you with the perfect van for your lifestyle, we go the distance. We also offer front-door delivery, a toll-free, 24-hour help line, and nationwide service. AMS Vans goes beyond just putting you in the driver's seat of a wheelchair minivan. Call 1-800-775-8267 now!